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One-on-One Coaching

One-on-one Executive and Business Coaching, in person or remote.

Group Coaching
Bringing the coaching conversation into a small group context.
Keynote Speaking

Professional Speaking that engages, educates and inspires.


Professional yoga, meditation and mindfulness training.

One-on-One Executive and Business Coaching


Sarah O specialises in Executive and Business Coaching for women executives, including, but not limited to, those working in Not For Profit and Community based business and Government departments, and women leaders with between 10-40 employees. The focus of Executive and Business Coaching is to assist women in senior leadership roles and business ownership to achieve their goals and ambitions via targeted and skilled conversations. Coaching is available in 6-week or 13-week packages, with one-off sessions available on request. Learn more about Executive Coaching and Business Coaching below.

Professional Coaching for Your Team

Executive and Business Coaching, Group Coaching with Sarah O brings the conversation into a small group context. Group Coaching is an intimate conversation space – focusing on outcomes, heightening awareness, and taking both action and accountability.

Group Coaching
Keynote Speaking

Keynote Speaking

Offering 25+ years of processional speaking experience – combined with a uniquely engaging approach – Sarah O’s Keynote Speaking educates and inspires. Building on her own personal experiences in leadership, business ownership, and evolving in times of crisis (such as the Christchurch earthquakes), Sarah covers topics such as Building Resilience and increasing Wellbeing the Workplace, and Dealing with Change from a positive psychology perspective. Her keynotes are celebrated by clients as refreshingly stimulating, insightful and relatable.

For Mind-Body Connection

Sarah O has been a certified yoga teacher for more than ten years. She is experienced in private (one on one) group and workplace yoga. Sarah frequently works with highly competent, driven and talented women forging careers at work and also managing homes and families. As a result women require a pathway, and sometimes permission for self care. Yoga supports women’s health physiologically, psychically and their spiritual well-being – reducing anxiety, creating attentiveness and focus where necessary, helping reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Sarah works with many women just starting out with yoga.

Yoga Teaching


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Executive Coaching is designed to assist women in business to gain clarity on their goals, and create actionable and result-driven steps – and mindsets – to achieve those goals. While traditionally, coaching and mentoring has been useful for trouble-shooting and problem solving, Sarah O’s approach to Executive Coaching focuses on deepened learning that results in gaining fresh perspectives and new directions – empowering individuals to shift their thinking through heightened awareness. Executive coaching doesn’t place a focus on fixing an immediate problem. Instead, it offers a platform for people to cultivate awareness and mindfulness, while expanding an individual’s capacity to be the fullest expression of their essential self. As your Executive Coach, Sarah O assists you in revealing your core interpretations and beliefs while helping you to achieve your goals and ambitions via targeted and skilled conversations.
Designed primarily for business owners and leaders of large teams, business coaching combines pure coaching with mentoring and training – focusing on actionable feedback, personalised advice and growth plans to help individuals achieve desire outcomes such as career acceleration or increasing business growth or revenue. Sarah O’s business coaching uniquely provides personal mentorship to support the growth of your business as well as your growth as its leader. You’ll also learn and adopt coaching skills that you can utilise to support the development of your own people.
Yes. Keynotes Speaking is available nationwide, and all coaching services are available face-to-face in Canterbury, or via Skype and Zoom throughout New Zealand.
Coaching is available in 6-week or 13-week packages, with one-off sessions available on request.

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