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Specialising in Executive and Business Coaching for women in senior leadership roles and business ownership

Sarah O combines her unique skillsets in business coaching, professional speaking, and health, meditation and yoga coaching – along with her personal experiences as a successful business owner/ director – to help her clients manage all that comes with being a woman in a demanding environment. Whether you require support in areas of strategy, professional pathways, confidence, wellness – or a combination of any of these! – Sarah’s down-to-earth approach, enthusiasm and wealth of expertise will empower you to make mindful changes to reach your goals and live the life that really serves you.

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Sarah O offers expertise in…

One-on-One Coaching

One-on-One Coaching

Executive and Business Coaching, assisting women in senior leadership roles and business ownership to achieve their goals and ambitions.

Group Coaching

Group Coaching

Group Coaching is an intimate conversation space – focusing on outcomes, heightening awareness, and taking both action and accountability.

Keynote Speaking

Keynote Speaking

Professional Speaking that engages, educates and inspires, covering topics such as Building Resilience, ‘Black Swans’ and Coping through Change.



Foster an authentic mind-body connection with professional (and accessible!) yoga, meditation and mindfulness training. Suitable for beginners.

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Sarah O is deeply committed to helping her clients achieve positive outcomes. Here’s what they have to say about their experience.

G.A. Henry

"As a new coach, I had the privilege to be coached by Sarah for over a year. She used her exceptional listening skills to ask thought provoking questions and supported me to develop a successful coaching business. She moved seamlessly between the role of mentor and coach, ensuring I was empowered to move forward with accountability. Sarah’s value of growth and a passion to contribute make her an inspiring coach who motivates individuals to aspire to their potential. Her has a wealth of knowledge and experience, from body work to coaching and business, creates a holisitic approach to her work which ensures she stands out in the industry."

Amanda Williams

"Sarah O provided a powerful experience at a time where I needed direction both professionally and personally. Sarah provided specific tools and strategies, enabling me to be more specific and effective with goal setting to face my fears and lead the way in my day-to-day practises. What made this experience ‘exceptional’ was Sarah’s ability to connect on a deeper level and to actively listen to what was needed, while holding me accountable to drive my future the way I needed to. I am extremely grateful for her expertise, knowledge and heart to be my coach and mentor."

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